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Investment Services

Not a deposit, not FDIC Insured, not insured by any Federal Government Agency, not guaranteed, may impose an investment risk, and may go down in value. 

Marcus Anderson
Investment Professionals, Inc.

Central Bank has partnered with Investment Professionals, Inc. (IPI) to provide our valued clients full-service investment services in one convenient location. Headquartered in San Antonio, Investment Professionals, Inc. is one of the fastest-growing investment firms in the nation and works almost entirely with independent community banks.

At Central Bank and Central Investment Services, our number one priority is very simpleÖ to help you achieve your financial goals.

Choosing the right investment options can often be a bewildering and frustrating process. Central Investment Servicesí Financial Consultants assist you in selecting the financial strategies right for you. Our goal is to match your current financial picture, investment objectives, and tolerance for risk with appropriate investment options.

Consulting with a Central Investment Servicesí Financial Consultant opens up a new world of investment alternatives, including but not limited to:

  • Mutual Funds
  • Stocks and Bonds
  • Fixed and Variable Annuities
  • Insurance Products
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning Services
  • Options, including Covered Call Strategies

Having a broad investment product line is critical to managing money through a wide variety of market cycles. We believe that a disciplined investment strategy coupled with a variety of investment options is the foundation for a successful investment program.

Understanding Your Investments

It is important to us at Central Bank and Central Investment Services that you understand your financial investments. If you ever have questions about any of your accounts, please call Marcus at (731) 689-5043, or feel free to call the Investment Professionals Home Office directly at (800) 593-8800.

Founded in May of 1992, Investment Professionals, Inc. currently manages programs in more than 80 Financial Institutions in over one-third of the United States.

IPI believes that providing Financial Consultants with unparalleled tools, training and support produces better investment results and client relationships. In an era of increasing scrutiny and regulatory requirements, IPIís record speaks clearly to their commitment to taking care of Central Bank's clients.

About your Investment Professionals Account

IPI provides you the assurance you need to do business.

Investment Professionals, Inc. clears all securities transactions through Pershing, the largest correspondent clearing firm in the world. Securities accounts held in custody at Pershing receive unlimited account protection. Of this account protection, the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) provides $500,000 of coverage, $100,000 of which may be in cash.

The account protection applies when an SIPC member firm fails, but does not protect against losses from the rise and fall in the market value of investments.

More information is available at and  Or log onto IPIís website at

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Full Service Financial Planning + Investment Services

Your Goals + Our Expertise

In our experience, our clients are concerned with their investments and accounts mostly as a vehicle to attain their goals and dreams. As professional Financial Consultants, it is our job to help our clients pursue their objectives so they can live their dreams. We believe it is imperative to take the time needed to understand these goals so that we can work together towards the future you have planned.

Our firm believes it is important to have a philosophy that directs our investment recommendations. One of the most basic tenets of this philosophy surrounds our commitment to help protect your hard earned money while working together to grow it.

Solid Resources + Personal Attention

Investment Professionals, Inc. leverages more than 16 years of working with their clients and more than $4.2 billion under management to help you reach your specific goals. Because our practice is part of a full-service financial firm, we can bring to bear our separate and distinct knowledge in areas of concern to you.

At each stage of the process, we welcome you to consult us to answer any questions, concerns, or ideas you may have. In addition, you can access our experienced and knowledgeable back office staff including our retirement, insurance, trust, estate, stock market, and fixed income experts.

Corporate Strength + Individual Commitment

Whether your needs center around your personal goals or involve larger corporate business transactions, we look forward to bringing to bear the resources and experience you will need.

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About Us

Marcus Anderson

Marcus Anderson, Financial Consultant for Central Investment Services located at Central Bank, helps businesses and individuals plan for all of lifeís goals. He prides himself on his ability to communicate effectively with his clients, organize complex ideas into concrete solutions and work with clients to both implement and regularly monitor their plan.

Marcus has sharpened his skills through some of the most challenging economic environments, drawing upon his financial management experience. As a result, he better understands the needs, trials and tribulations of his clients and small business owners. Marcus is highly motivated to help protect their holdings during both good and bad times.

Husband, father and grandfather, Marcusís family is very important to him. Thatís probably why he is so passionate about protecting the financial, social and emotional well-being of other families with which he comes in contact. Heís developed a rewarding practice centered around the primary financial needs of families including college, retirement and comprehensive estate planning.

A fifth-generation McNairy Countian, Marcus is extremely active with community service projects. Heís served on the board of directors of the McNairy County Chamber of Commerce, acted as President of the Selmer Business Alliance, member of the Pickwick Rotary Club, past President of the Selmer Rotary and Lions Club and Member of the McNairy County Developmental Services Board of Directors. Marcus participated in McNairy Countyís Five-Year Strategic Plan development, which led to the Governorís Three Star Award qualification. He actively participates in local charitable organizations including the American Cancer Societyís Relay For Life and the American Heart Association.

Marcus holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tennessee. He holds Series 7, 63 and 65 licenses in Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi. When heís not working, Marcus can be found playing golf or spending time with his wife, Shelia, daughter, Cherish and grandchildren, Ethan and Aiyana.

Investment Professionals, Inc.

Investment Professionals, Inc. (IPI), has been ranked the Most Highly Rated Bank Brokerage Firm* in the nation and has won more #1 category rankings1 than any other firm as reported by American Brokerage Consultants. Citing the same authoritative industry wide research study, IPI continues to be ranked number #1 in Customer Service, Quality of Training and Accuracy & Ease of Processing; all important attributes of a solid firm.

As a client, you will have access to IPIís full team of experts, including financial and retirement planning, insurance and annuities, stocks, fixed income, estate planning, and trust services.

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Life Stage Planning

Investment Services to Fit All Stages of Your Life

Young Accumulator - There is no better time than NOW to start saving for your future! Whether your goals include a new home, saving for retirement or starting a business, you have to start somewhere. A meeting with our financial advisor can help get you on the right path.

Family - You are raising your family and trying to do all the extras! Soccer, summer camp, family vacations...You're saving in your 401(k) and the kids have small bank accounts, but both college and retirement loom in the future. What do you do? Contact our financial advisor; he can help simplify the process.

Empty Nester - The kids are grown and you're looking ahead to retirement. You want to buy that vacation home in Arizona or take that cruise to Alaska. But you know you need to be saving as much as possible for those "golden years". Retirement will be a lot longer for you than it was for your parents, so planning ahead is essential. Our Financial Advisors are here to work with you.

Retiree - You're retired and living the "good" life. But is it what you expected? Higher living expenses and a fixed income make it more difficult to do the things you want; like traveling, going out to dinner and helping the grand kids. Take the opportunity to discuss your financial concerns with our financial advisors.

Senior Citizen - You worry every day about the cost of your medicine and filling the gas tank. "Will we outlive our money? What if we need a nursing home? We want to leave something to the kids, but you think that may not be possible." A meeting with our financial advisor can help get your financial house in order.

Free Consultation
For a complimentary, no obligation, informational consultation, from a licensed representative call Marcus Anderson at 731-689-5043 or 731-610-1650.

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Permanent Life Insurance 
Whether it be protection for your loved ones, estate planning, providing for a spouse not covered by your pension, or charitable giving, most of us have a need for life insurance that will continue our entire life.  We go to the marketplace to find the plan, price and guarantees that are best for you. 

Long-term Care Insurance
With the escalating costs of home care, long-term care expenses, and nursing homes, planning now can provide you and your family with peace of mind. Long-term Care Insurance helps you protect your assets and maintain your financial security should you need long-term care. If you're in your 40's or 50's, now is the time to consider getting coverage as the annual premiums increase with age. Several options are available to you through Central Investment Services.

Term Life Insurance
Term-life insurance is an excellent way to make sure that your family won't face financial burden should you pass-away prematurely. Term-life provides you with coverage for a specific period of time (10 to 30 years). Premiums usually remain fixed for length of the contract. Benefits are paid if you die during the coverage period.

Life Insurance For Business Owners
For business owners who want to make sure your family is protected in the event of your premature death, we offer "keyman" insurance, "buy-sell" agreements and other policies that will provide you, your family and your business the protection you need.

Free Consultation
For a complimentary review of your current policy, no obligation consultation from a fully licensed insurance agent call Marcus Anderson at 731-689-5043 or 731-610-1650.

*1997 through 2007 national ďStudies of Bank Brokerage and Retail Investment ServicesĒ conducted by American Brokerage Consultants (ABC), St. Petersburg, FL. In the most recent 2007 study, a total of 1,872 banks offering retail investment programs were surveyed including banks offering IPI and competitor investment programs -- which represents a 21% sampling and 68% of all bank assets according to ABC. A total of 15.3% of banks surveyed responded to the 2007 national survey. Individual banks were asked to rank their specific investment program in the ABC survey; responder results were aggregated and compared against the results of all brokers dealers in the survey. Past ranking performance may not be indicative of future ranking performance. IPI has been honored with the #1 ranking in three out of the most recent four surveys conducted by ABC.

Securities offered by Investment Professionals, Inc Member FINRA & SIPC, 1) are not FDIC insured, 2) are not deposits or other obligations of the bank or guaranteed by the bank, and 3) involve investment risks, including the possible loss of principal amount invested.

All Securities and Advisory Services offered through Investment Professionals, Inc. (IPI), a Registered Broker/Dealer and Registered Investment Advisor and member FINRA and SIPC. The investment services offered by IPI under the name Central Investment Services are in no way affiliated with or offered by Central Bank, nor is Central Bank a registered broker/dealer. Customers working with Central Investment Services will be dealing solely through IPI with respect to their investment, brokerage and securities transactions. The products offered by Investment Professionals, Inc. are not insured by the FDIC, the NCUA or any other agency of the government, are not deposits or other obligations for the bank or guaranteed by the bank and involve investment risks, including possible loss of principal amount invested.

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