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Company History

Realizing a need for a savings & loan association in the area, several individuals took it upon themselves to look into the matter and attempt to secure a charter. After approximately two years of work, a federal charter was secured.

On July 1, 1967, First Federal Savings & Loan Association of Hardin County was opened for business. The original directors were: Emmett Yeiser, Sr., R. P. Shackelford, Jr., Roy Crunk, James Jerrolds, W. W. Lackey, W. B. Parris, E. J. Rinks, Jr., Bobby W. Williams and Ray Blanton. There was only one employee, Joe Shutt, who operated the association and served as manager from its location in Watson Shopping Center.

By 1975, assets had reached $13 million, and First Federal moved into a new colonial style building at 485 Wayne Road which serves as its present location. A branch office was opened in Adamsville in 1978 to help meet the needs of that community and was located in downtown Adamsville on Main Street. The economics of the late eighties instigated the fall of numerous savings & loans throughout the country, but First Federal remained strong as assets climbed to $33 million.

The nineties introduced the concept of a full-service bank to serve Savannah, Adamsville and the surrounding areas as First Federal converted to a state chartered bank. On January 1, 1993, First Federal became Central Bank. At $43 million in assets, a growing customer base dictated the need for a larger facility.

Construction in 1994 increased the original structure by 4,000 square feet to accommodate offices, community room, bookkeeping, and entrance. From the late 90ís to the decade of the 2000ís, the bank experienced steady growth. In the spring of 2012, Bob Adkisson was hired as CEO, president and director. Our current directors are: W. Lee Lackey (chairman), Bob Adkisson, R. P. Shackelford III, Benson Parris, David Jerrolds, Randy Rinks, Bob Shutt and Clark Jones.

Central Bank currently has approximately $100 million in assets and a total of 40 employees. In 1967, Central Bank was formed with a basic ideaótreat your customer as your friend and watch the relationship grow. In 2016, that is still the case.

Central Bank is truly a bank with the community in mind.

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